We created our 2013 Holiday card with two purposes in mind. Sharing some holiday fun with our clients and friends, and experimenting with new technology. So we turned the smart phone in your pocket into a remote control for an interactive experience.

Snow Shake

About the project

The idea came to us to create a social experience where actions people make in the real world drive what happens in a digital environment. Snow Shake is a multi-person collaboration. It brings people at remote distances together by combining their efforts to make it snow online, and it helps them spread a little holiday fun too.

The Snow Shake experience plays out on two screens. The desktop site features a virtual snow globe complete with Boston and Philly skylines. And the mobile site allows users to interact in real time, making it snow inside the desktop snow globe. Using WebSockets, we were able to interface with a smart phone's accelerometer right through the web browser. From there it's simple, a snowflake appears on the phone’s screen in a unique color, and the user generates snowflakes of the same color just by shaking the phone. The more the user shakes the phone, the faster the snowflakes fall inside the snow globe. And the more people participate, the bigger the blizzard.


We're constantly looking for ways to merge the physical and the digital. And with the ability to create real world interactive experiences directly through a browser, it’s simpler than ever before. Using individual smart phones as remote controls is more personalized and more social. Plus, it’s more streamlined and cost effective than downloadable apps or special devices.

What does all this mean for brands? Just imagine where else this could lead. It could become an interactive video board in Times Square, or a digital experience shared across the country. We're excited to continue exploring the possibilities and creating digital brand engagements that are more meaningful and fun.

Snow Shake is a virtual desktop snow globe controlled by smart phones. Just shake the flake on your phone to make it snow.
Snow Shake

The responsive home page detects whether visitors are desktop or smart phone users, then instructs them how to enjoy the full two-screen experience.

User-generated snowflakes fall in the snow globe in real time, and counters along the bottom track how many users are currently connected and the total amount of snowflakes shaken.
Users' physical action allows them to interactively control the digital environment. The more people shake, the bigger the blizzard.