Whether it’s online or in-store, we all shop for clothing. But why do we prefer one to the other? What if we could integrate the self-serve and convenient access of online shopping with traditional in-store and in-person retailing? MVSE is our solution to merge the best of both worlds into one innovative, completely connected, three-screen fitting room experience.

About MVSE

What does MVSE mean for shoppers?

Let’s say you’re shopping for new pants. MVSE gives you access to product descriptions, reviews, discounts, suggestions, and your own concierge service —right from the fitting room.

Getting another size is easy: just request new items of clothing from the in-room touch screen and an employee will deliver them straight to you. Which means you’ll have a few extra seconds to check out recommendations catered to your style or detailed product information like materials, measurements and reviews.

Before you buy, make sure to share the product with your friends on social media for an instant discount sent directly to your phone. If you’re having second thoughts about that shirt you didn’t buy, a history of what you tried on is saved on the MVSE app even after you leave the store.

While MVSE is running, the three devices talk with each other in real-time to personalize customer experience, track merchandise, and update store analytics.
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What does MVSE mean for retailers?

MVSE brings all new features to the traditional fitting room. Shoppers can check out related styles and accessories, which creates cross-selling opportunities and a chance to better assist customer needs.

Employees are able to locate articles of clothing from their tablets with real time updates of what customers are trying on. This helps your associates cater customer experiences based on individual tastes, which increases frequency of return visits by shoppers.

Plus, MVSE creates loyal ambassadors and reaches new markets for your brand by offering discounts if shoppers share products via social media. These coupons are meant to incentivize instant purchase since they’re built to disintegrate after 24 hours if not redeemed. And with 75% of consumers relying on their social networks to guide shopping decisions, this is a convenient way to drive sales.

How MVSE Works

As shoppers scan tags in the fitting room, merchandise tracking immediately updates across all 3 devices. Employees will be notified via their tablets, customers will see the garment in the “Sessions” tab of the MVSE app, and the in-fitting room interface will display more in depth information about the product.

In addition to customer product views and purchase history, MVSE tracks sales conversions, analyzes trends, in-store analytics and even post-purchase engagement.

Everything you’ve tried on is saved in one place, just in case you didn’t buy that cute cardigan last week.

When you share products with your friends, a time sensitive coupon will be sent straight to your phone.
Employees stay connected with shoppers and can easily cater to individual style, giving every customer a personalized experience.

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