Magic Box

Our interactive portfolio that challenged people to pick up, play with, and engage to access our work.

About Magic Box

About the project

When your work pushes the boundaries of technically engaging and downright fun, you don’t just slap a slide show together and say, “job done, and done well.” The presentation of ideas is as important as the ideas themselves. That’s why we created our Magic Box, as a platform to share our unique thinking in a unique way.

We unveiled the Magic Box as a tool to exhibit our work in the Digital Playground at the 2016 Ad Age Conference. The box itself was custom fabricated out of Baltic Birch, with integrated LED neopixels offering visual feedback. Within the box was a high-definition camera that triggered an experience across three iPads when one of the custom-made card stock tiles was placed on the box.


In our industry, it’s not always just about the story, but how that story is told. And we think brands stand out when they create ways to tell theirs a little differently. In this case, it was through an interactive visual experience. An engagement like this allows users to participate and not only increases brand awareness but also brand recall.

Now we know something like this isn’t right for all brands, but we’re determined to explore a number of different technologies, like computer vision, to ensure we have the right mix of tools to deliver more engaging stories and experiences for our clients.

The tiles represented three different categories:
Magic Box large image

Conference attendees chose a tile and placed it on the box, triggering a synchronized experience across the three iPads.

A video reel provided an overview of projects that fit the chosen category.
The tiles were designed as take-home marketing pieces to facilitate future contact.