Interactive Turkey Handprint

It doesn’t take us long to outgrow a lot of traditions associated with the holidays. One that’s often overlooked is the arts and crafts time-filler known as “trace your hand to create a turkey.” Well, to pay homage to this childhood tradition, we created an interactive version of the turkey trace for our coworkers here in the office.

About Interactive Turkey Handprint

About the project

The first thing we had to do was define the key features. We eventually settled on the all-important and pretty obvious “multi-colored feathers anchored to the second knuckle” and a nice-to-have “googly eye.” Once we had those on lock, we were all set to throw our turkey in the oven (so to speak).

To design and develop the experience, we turned to Unity. Then with design in place, we integrated the Leap Motion controller to our app and played it on our giant nine-screen wall.

And voila, we had a fully interactive turkey handprint for our office to enjoy in less than 48 hours.


Well, why not? But we thought, “what better way to entertain our coworkers then by having them play around with this fun interaction during our Thanksgiving potluck lunch?” Although many tried to break it by jiggling their fingers around like a kid hyped up on sugar, it was the perfect complement to our lunch.

We set up the experience during our Thanksgiving potluck for the whole office to enjoy.
Philly Office Potluck
Turkey Drawing
We were inspired by the classic childhood tradition.
Leap Controller capturing hand movements
The Leap Motion controller captures and tracks hand movements.
Github Logo
If you have a Leap Motion controller and want to play around with our creation, it’s available on GitHub.