Candy Magic

The Candy Magic experiment provided instant rewards to our community managers for a job well done. And it reminded our clients why it’s so sweet to work with us.

Vulcan EBF–25

About the project

It is well documented that Millennials crave constant feedback. So we decided to bridge the gap between the brands we work with and the community managers who help our clients maintain their social presence. The thought was simple: what if we could connect the brand manager with the community manager through a physical, digital action?

By adding a little tech magic to our Candy Magic machine, that’s exactly what we did. By tapping into Facebook’s Graph API, we monitored the total “Like” count of our client’s brand page. We then stored that total and performed the same query every three (:03) seconds. If the count increased, we triggered the Arduino to open the feed and release candy.

Now our clients and community managers can monitor the growth of a Facebook page without analytics. But the likelihood of cavities is now up 200%.


We’ve often considered how we could convert a motion-controlled coupon dispenser into a retail installation that provides value to both the shopper and the brand – delivering discounts in exchange for social mentions. This experiment is a step in that direction.

Candy Magic is a snack machine that is connected to the Internet and automatically drops jelly beans with each Facebook "Like"
Modifications on a Nerf Vulcan EBF–25
Inside the Candy Machine
We replaced what was previously a motion sensor with an Arduino that would activate the machine mechanics to allow the jelly beans to dispense
Facebook page on an iPhone
Using the Facebook Graph API, we checked for new "Likes" and when the count increased, we released a treat
Dispensing candy
Both client and community manager were connected by the growth of the Facebook page & a little snack