Combining childlike curiosity and a microcontroller, we created a little experiment with a simple goal: to make people smile.

Snow Shake

About the project

We love finding new ways to connect our physical world to the digital. So we focused on developing a digital trigger that generated a physical response, using a smartphone to blow some bubbles around the office.

We created a custom app designed to measure audio frequency. By tapping and holding the screen of the a&g Labs bubble wander app and blowing into the microphone of an iPhone, our employees could blow bubbles from anywhere in the office. The audio captured by the microphone triggered a servomotor to raise a mechanical arm out of a tray of bubble mix and hold that arm in front of a fan.


Three out of four Americans now carry a smartphone with them everywhere they go. We are fascinated by the opportunity to allow people to participate in, or enhance, the experiences around them by using their personal devices. Plus, we just wanted to unleash our inner child for a few hours.

Automated bubble wand powered by a custom-built mobile app
Bubble Wander

Users blow into their smartphones to trigger the servomotor and control the bubble wand.

The mechanical wand is raised in front of a fan to create bubbles.
Plenty of smiles around the office, rediscovering the kid in all of us.